Bibione is a particular tourist resort: located on the border between Veneto and Friuli, just below the mouth of the river Tagliamento, the Venetian town exists, in fact, only for about fifty years, since they were completed the reclamation of swampy areas that for centuries have slowed down the progress of urban settlements in these areas. In only half a century Bibione has been transformed from a centre torn from the swamps and malaria, into one of the capitals of summer tourism: what are the reasons for this great success?

A Unique Coast

The almost 7,500 km of Italian coastline, from Ventimiglia to Trieste, offers very varied views. But for sure the 12 km of golden beach that Bibione can boast is not common elsewhere. 12 km where everyone can find their own space, where thanks to the initiative “Breathe the sea” the first 15 meters between the beach and the first row of umbrellas are completely banned to smokers (who can devote themselves to the beloved blondes only at their umbrella). Where a portion of the beach is dedicated to tourists with credit in tow: the beach of Pluto will be able to accommodate them at best.

A Natural Environment That Reminds Bibione of its History

Despite the great urban development (it is estimated that in Bibione in summer there are more than 6 million people in total), the city has maintained a strong link with its history and its territory. Emblem of all this is the Valgrande, a fishing valley in which water, reeds and woods alternate, a real green lung declared a landscape protection area of regional interest. Here you can visit (on foot, by bicycle or on horseback), with the obligation to be accompanied by an authorized guide, unique environments, such as the Motteron dei Frati, an area characterized by sandy dunes that hide the remains of a Roman villa.

19 Years of Blue Flags

The Blue Flag awards the work of those places that manage to combine tourism development and environmental sustainability: a quality tourism that is at home in Bibione, so much so that since 1996 the Venetian town has been continuously obtaining the prestigious award.

The Spa, for a Tourist Season That Never Ends

The water in Bibione is definitely the main element, whether it is the salt water of the sea, or the thermal water that flows at a temperature of 52 ° C from 500 meters deep underground. The water in any case defines Bibione, so much so that its own spa is the only establishment (affiliated with the national health system) of its kind in Italy, built right in front of the sea.

A Calendar of Events and Shows over Three Months

At any time you arrive in Bibione, you will be in the middle of a tourist season full of events and shows, often free: you will be spoiled for choice.

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