Closer to Africa, yet Europe. A particular climate, very mild all year round, whether it is January or August. An unspoilt nature, which will never cease to amaze. White beaches, crystal clear waters, volcanoes. Can you find all this in a few square kilometers? Yes: because there are the Canary Islands. Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, they are part of Spain, but are closer to the African continent, being just a hundred kilometers from Morocco.

Direct flights from Italy to the Iberian archipelago are quite frequent if we talk about holidays in August in the Canary Islands. They depart from airports such as Milan Malpensa, Rome Fiumicino, Verona and Bologna. The duration of the trip is about 4 hours. Many low cost companies operate on this route, so important for world tourism.

The Canary Islands are among the most visited archipelagos on the planet for the beauty of the landscapes, due to the volcanic origin. Each of the 7 islands has its own peculiarities: Fuerteventura is known above all for the beauty of its beaches; in Gran Canaria there are many natural parks. Tenerife is home to the highest volcano in Spain (the Teide), La Palma is home to three volcanoes. And then we still have Lanzarote its black sand; the pristine and tropical La Gomera; El Hierro, where there is the giant lizard.

The August holidays in Fuerteventura mean lower temperatures than those you would find in Africa or in the Mediterranean basin. The average maximums are around 29 degrees, the minimums around 22. Very difficult to experience rainfall.

Fuerteventura is a sort of capital of entertainment in the Canaries, rich as it is in discos, pubs, beaches that allow the practice of many sports, including kite surfing and sailing. This island is the most loved by young people, you can find many Italians.

And now we come to gastronomy, another strong point of the Canaries. Essential food is the excellent fresh fish, always cooked in different ways and combined with spicy sauces, mojos. Excellent local wines (white and red) and desserts: to taste are the huevos mole. The local liqueurs, served in small glasses, are very appreciated by tourists. Here the welcome to the tourist will be one of the most surprisingly positive things.

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