Thanks to the work of the Cultural Association “Borbonica Sotterranea”, the Borbonic Tunnel is once again open to the public, a fascinating underground route that winds at the foot of Mount Echia.

This interesting site is located a short distance from the holiday home Naples Residenza Castel dell’Ovo, just opposite the Monte Echia on Via Santa Lucia.

The association, which has as its objective the enhancement and promotion of events to raise awareness of the Neapolitan subsoil, has succeeded in this tortuous undertaking: to make again available to Neapolitans (and not only) a part of “history” of this city.

The initial project of the Tunnel dates back to Ferdinand II of Bourbon and his architect Errico Alvino; initially it had a military purpose and was a route that connected the Royal Palace to Via Morelli.

Along its route were intercepted tunnels and tanks connected to the ancient aqueduct of Carmignano (1627-1629) that brought water to Naples, particularly in the area of Pizzofalcone.

The project of the Bourbon Tunnel was suspended over the years for economic reasons but also for the new political structure that was being established that led to the unification of Italy.

During the Second World War the tunnel was reused as a war shelter (as well as other cavities and tunnels in Naples) during the bombing of the Allies and Germans.

For those interested in booking a visit, remember that there are three types of guided tour: standard, adventure, baby.

The standard is a route of about 530 m, through the Tunnel until you reach the exit in Via Morelli. It starts from Vico del Grottone, with a staircase of the ‘700 you reach the tanks of the aqueduct of Carmignano. For fans of motorcycles and vintage cars is being organized for other custom visits.

The Adventure route is under construction and is intended for those who want to try the passage of the tunnel of the ancient aqueduct of Carmignano and enter an abandoned tunnel of the LTR line.

The Baby route, finally, is designed for schools and provides a standard route and to follow a moment dedicated to environmental education to raise awareness on the issues of waste disposal underground and the risks arising from such illegal activities.

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