Let’s discover the wild Galicia: a motorhome tour is the best way to discover this ancient land.

Gastronomy, art and beautiful beaches are the strengths of northern Spain, beautiful territory and perfect destination for a traveling trip by car or camper. If you prefer to stay in accommodation facilities we remind you that the entire Spanish territory is extremely touristy and offers, therefore, multiple solutions for all budgets.

However, choosing an open-air camping tour, moving freely in a camper, is a solution that we would advise you to immerse yourself in the 360 degrees of artistic heritage and landscape of these places.

To enjoy a holiday in the open air taking advantage of all the beauties that a region rich in charm as Galicia can offer, simply equip yourself with the appropriate equipment, do not be fooled by the traditional Spanish climate: the region of Galicia is located at the north-west of the peninsula and its climate is strongly influenced by ocean currents, constant wind and frequent rainfall, so tents for campers are an absolute must to enjoy a shady area and shelter from rain or wind during the hottest hours. Do not forget then mosquito nets, portable refrigerators, camping tables, a necessity if you want to enjoy the comfort of your stay and be ready for any eventuality.

What are the must-see places to visit if you organize a motorhome tour in Galicia? Here are our tips!

La Coruña

With about 243 thousand inhabitants, it is undoubtedly the most important city in Galicia, which gives its name to the entire surrounding region. Among the most important architectural attractions we advise you not to miss the Opera House, the Rosalia Theatre and the Colosseum, home of spectacular bullfights and major popular events.

Santiago de Compostela

A city declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985, it is known for its majestic cathedral and for the walk of the same name along the Via Francigena, which every year attracts thousands of pilgrims to the sanctuary of San Giacomo.

San Sebastian

A destination not to be missed, not strictly economic but where we suggest you to stay for at least two days. It is a charming city with the typical charm of towns so close to the sea. Those who have read Fiesta know well that Hemingway has also chosen to rest the protagonists of his novel on the beach of this beautiful town in northern Spain after the uproar and bullfights of the Fiesta di San Femin in Pamplona. We recommend a visit to La Concha Beach and the Parte Veja with its shops, clubs, churches and museums.

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